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Natchez Trace Trail

The Natchez Trace Parkway is a National Park that stretches 444 miles, running from Natchez, MS, throughout the state, ultimately finishing in Nashville, Tennessee.  The “Trace” is a national part, a great road for a Sunday drive, and one of the most popular cycling venues in the world.

All 444 miles of the road are dedicated, by the National Park Service, as a bike route. Commercial vehicles are prohibited, and the maximum speed limit is 50 miles-per-hour.  Many “cycle friendly” bed and breakfastes are located along the Trace.  The ride itself is filled with pristine scenery, historical homes, sunken or “hidden” roads, as well as a handful of civil war battlegrounds.  For a biker’s heaven, there’s not stoplights or right-of-ways.  The roadways are lined with trees, flowering bushes, and oftentimes “skethcy” animals that may jump in front of your group with little warning.  Sounds fun!

Traffic on the Natchez Trace is light and (supposedly) slow, and provides for one of the most fulfilling rides one can undertake.  The Bike Crossing is currently exploring a membership package whereby such rides would be hosted during various parts of the year.  For more information on this, email us at

And be sure not to forget, when you’re riding the trace, and you’re hot and tired but your destination is only 3 miles head, give us a tweet at @TheBikeCrossing.    We might just put it in the soon-to-be-constructed Bike Crossing Hall o’ Fame.  Be sure to #jointheride.