Group Rides

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Ladies, get ready to Join the Ride!

Cycling is a great way to get in shape, stay in shape, make new friends, and socialize! We are working on organizing a regular Ladies’ Ride on Saturday mornings, beginning from The Bike Crossing.  Currently, we’re gauging interest and potential participation levels.  If you’d be interested in meeting new friends, getting to know other ladies who ride for recreation, exercise, or even competitively, please give us a call at 601-856-0049 and ask about the Saturday Ladies’ Ride.  Or better yet, fill out and email us the form below.

Other Group Rides

The Bike Crossing is actively seeking all types of people interested in regular group rides. If you would like to find a group, or would be interested in located your group ride from The Bike Crossing, please call us at 601-856-0049, or email us . We’re happy to help you Join the Ride!