Repair and Mechanical

Bicycles may be the best, most fun invention in human history. But a bike can’t be much fun if its broken. You can’t Join the Ride on a hobbled cycle! At The Bike Crossing, we’ve retained the most knowledgeable, certified mechanical experts in the area to provide Bike Crossing Nation with the best repair and maintenance you can get.
The Bike Crossing mechanical experts can perform minor repairs, complete overhauls, and practically anything in between. We use quality, top-of the line parts, and can perform most repairs within 48 hours. We back up all our work with a 30-day guarantee. If your bike is in need of repair or maintenance, call us, or just bring it by. No appointment is necessary.

Of course, the best way to avoid costly wear-and-tear breakdowns is to perform regular maintenance. The Bike Crossing offers two levels of service plans to help keep your bike as healthy as possible.

BC-Silver BC-Gold
BC-Silver BC-Gold
• Gear Adjustment/Calibration • Gear Adjustment/Calibration
• Brake Adjustment/Calibration/Centering • Brake Adjustment/Calibration/Centering
• Clean Drive line (on bike) • Clean Drive line (off bike)
• Check chain wear • Check chain wear
• Check tire wear/pressure • Check tire wear/pressure
• True wheels for run-out • True wheels for run-out
• Clean frame • Clean frame
• Remove wheels for detail cleaning • Remove wheels for detail cleaning
• Remove shifter cables and housings
• Replace brake cables and housings
• Loosen and retorque all screws
• Remove and deep clean derailleurs
$100.00 $200.00
Akira DeLong

Akira is one of The Bike Crossing’s expert mechanics, an accomplished mountain bike racer, and the only certified Suspension Service & Training expert in Mississippi. Akira recently completed a month-long certification program in Colorado at the prestigious Barnett Bicycle Institute (photo taken from the Centennial State).

Congratulations to Akria. She’s an asset to our cycling community, and we’re so proud to have her at The Bike Crossing!