Retul Bike Fitting

Your bike is reflective of your personality, your character, and your spirit. At The Bike Crossing, we understand that your bike isn’t just a collection of gears and graphite. A bike isn’t just alloy and aluminum. A bike is an extension of you. It is YOUR bike. But we understand that a bike can’t truly be yours unless it is fit for you. A bicycle should fit as comfortably to your body as any other piece of performance gear.

Whether you race road bikes, mountain bikes, want something for leisure or performance, the experts at The Bike Crossing understand the importance of fitting the right bike for you. We have invested in the ultimate in fitting technology with the Retul Body Fit system. Retul utilizes Motion Capture technology that captures 3-dimensional motion information which is used to fit your bike to your style and the conditions on your ride.  With Retul, experts at The Bike Crossing can track information for riders’ multiple bikes allowing us to fit across various distinct categories, such as road, cross, mountain, etc.

This video demonstrates the submillimeter-accuracy of the Retul system.  Retul is the gold standard for bike fitters around the world.  The Bike Crossing is proud to now offer Retul’s 3D motion-capture tool as part of our services dedicated to making your ride the best it can be.  Retul fittings are $250 per bike, per session.  Learn how to get unlimited bike fittings by becoming a member of The Bike Crossing.

Find out more about The Bike Crossing’s Retul fitting services by contacting us.